Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog by Julia Robertson

By Julia Robertson

Covers the prevention, administration and remedy, together with workout plans. Sections on anatomy and body structure , circulate and muscle tissue; workout; education for activities functionality; rehabilitation thoughts; therapeutic massage and actual treatment; universal correct pathologies affecting dogs.

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Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog

Covers the prevention, administration and therapy, together with workout plans. Sections on anatomy and body structure , stream and muscle tissue; workout; practise for activities functionality; rehabilitation ideas; therapeutic massage and actual remedy; universal proper pathologies affecting canine.

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The stretching of collagen fibres within the GTO causes an action potential of a magnitude relative to the stretch applied, to be transmitted from the muscle to the CNS for interpretation (see 24). Muscle spindle Muscle spindles are located within a capsule deep within and parallel to muscle bellies. They contain intrafusal muscle fibres, which are specialist muscle fibres innervated by both sensory and motor nerve fibres, in a spiral configuration (43). These intrafusal fibres are able to stretch and contract just like those of normal muscle, so the receptors are able to respond to forces of contraction and relaxation.

The m. latissimus dorsi joins the thoracic limb to the pelvis through the thoracolumbar fascial plane, and therefore has a stabilizing role. After 5 months, Tia is following a course of rehabilitation exercises (see Chapter 5) and regular treatment from a myotherapist; the scar tissue is being managed and her core stability is being enhanced. Her quality of life is very good, but she obviously misses her agility classes. Anatomy and Physiology 27 Tia, showing her typical stance, compensating for a lack of structural stability.

Central canal Dorsal root Lateral horn Dorsal root ganglion Spinal nerve Ventral horn Ventral root Ventral fissure 39 A spinal cord segment. g. leg muscle) 40 Schematic diagram of a reflex arc. White matter 45 46 Chapter 2 The types of stimuli which are detected by sensory receptors within skin, muscle, and tendons are: pain (41), temperature, touch (pressure, vibration, and texture), and proprioceptive stimuli. Proprioception appears to be the ‘odd one out’ in this group; we are aware of many other stimuli, but not of the constant subtle movements of muscle tendons and joints going on ‘behind the scenes’ that allow vertebrates to stand or move (42).

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