Government Debts and Financial Markets in Europe by Fausto Piola Caselli

By Fausto Piola Caselli

Learning the heritage of public debt represents a desirable capacity to enquire the position of public funds within the making of ecu states either at a countrywide and local point. "Government accounts and fiscal Markets" brings jointly essays by means of prime historians of monetary and fiscal background. It illuminates the relationships among govt indebtedness and the advance of economic markets in Europe from the past due heart a long time to the overdue 20th century.

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In fifteenth-century Venice, the ruling group was still constituted largely of merchants; the assignment to a few of them of the function of fundraisers would have been very risky, both in financial and political terms. In Florence, on the other hand, the ruling group was economically less homogeneous and, mainly during the Medici period, was not very concerned with maintaining an apparent egalitarian structure. Likewise, in princely states the lord could count on some individuals to construct close relationships of reciprocal interest that linked the financial needs of the government to merchant lenders’ prospect of profit.

24 Offices Cubicolari Scudieri Collettori Giannizzeri Archivio Presidenti Porzionari 1514 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 1525 120 103 103 94 103 92 94 1531 116 105 95 93 102 99 70 1565 122 151 57 73 139 108 121 1590 196 256 70 89 158 104 121 Up to the middle of the century, prices did not significantly grow while later the market received offices warmly. The success of these investments, however, declined as the monti camerali appeared. The monti camerali were true bonds, sold by the Apostolic Chamber, which since the mid-sixteenth century broadly spread out and constituted the pillar of the papal debt up to the arrival of the Napoleonic troops.

27 It is important to note that Santa María was one of the primary bankers of Burgos. Parts of the titles sold by Santa María were seized by other merchants. 28 Financiers and exchequers have contacts with people capable of selling these bonds, deeming money and information necessary for ensuring that juros were out there in the market. 900 de Vargas Amount of Principal Italian Transfer (in Intermediate maravedíes) Mafeo de 77,640 Tarsis Francisco 268,600 de Vargas Nicolás de Grimaldo 3,760,607 100,000 Price (in maravedíes) Beneficiary 1,086,960 Ana Barrientos from Bonilla de la Sierra (Ávila) 1,400,000 Alonso Niño de Castro (Valladolid) Where was the benefit to financiers?

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