Advances in Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 41 by A. G. Sykes

By A. G. Sykes

Advances in Inorganic Chemistry offers well timed and informative summaries of the present growth in numerous topic components inside of inorganic chemistry starting from bio-inorganic to reliable kingdom reports. Thisacclaimed serial beneficial properties studies written through specialists within the quarter and is an quintessential connection with complex researchers. each one quantity of Advances in Inorganic Chemistry includes an index, and every bankruptcy is absolutely referenced.

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The radiopharmaceutical preparations appear to be a mixture of oligomers ~ but thought and polymers with the oxidation state of 9 9 m Tuncertain to be +4 (12,19). jH20},, prepared by substitution of (NH,)2[TcBr61with mdpH,, is shown in Fig. 11. fH,0), structure (reproduced from Ref. 373 with permission). 52 JOHN BALDAS chains, with each mdp ligand bridging two symmetry-related Tc atoms and each Tc atom bound to two symmetry-related mdp ligands. The bridging 0x0 ligand appears to be in the hydroxy form, consistent with a Tc(1V) oxidation state (373).

Tc LMCT transitions, and for Tc(II1) Cl/Br pairs the difference is about 1600 cm-'. 47 BM (192, 287). FABMS has proven useful in the study of these Tc(II1) cationic complexes (293,294 ). Crystal structures for tr~ns-[Tc(diars)~Cl,]Y (Y = C1, ClO,) (295, 296), tr~ns-[Tc(dppe)~Br~lBF, (287), truns-[T~(dmpe)~Cl~] CF3S03 (I231, and tr~ns-[Tc(dppe)~C1,1NO,~HNO, (193)reveal the expected distorted octahedral geometry. The search for nonreducible Tc(II1)cations has led to the preparation of a variety of thiolato complexes of the type [TC(SR)~L,I+ (L = depe, + + + COORDINATION CHEMISTRY OF TECHNETIUM 41 dmpe, dppe, diars) (297, 298, 200).

NITROSYL AND THIONITROSYL COMPLEXES Reaction of NBu,[Tc"(NO)Cl41 with tmbtH yields orange crystals of the neutral [Tc11'(NO)Cl(tmbt)31. The nitrosyl and chloro ligands occupy the axial positions in the trigonal-bipyramidal structure. The 4 N O ) IR absorption occurs at 1798 cm-' (3211. A variety of seven-coordinate dithiocarbamato complexes [Tc(NO)(S,CNR,),]Y (Y = BF,, PF6,ClO,) is prepared by substitution of [Tc(S2CNR2),(CO)1with NOBF,. These complexes show 4 N O ) a t 1795-1771 cm-' (2211. Absorptions at 1248 cm-' (X = C1) and 1250 cm-l (X = Br) in the IR spectra have been assigned to u(NS).

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