Adsorption onto Heterogeneous Porous Materials: Equilibria by Aarden F.B.

By Aarden F.B.

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One of the components was chosen as adsorbate. The first pore density profile was calculated at high bulk concentration of the adsorbate. This means, at solubility, or in case of complete miscibility, at the pure adsorbate bulk density at the given pressure. The combination of the adsorbate bulk density and the average pore density of the adsorbate forms one isotherm point. The next calculation, the adsorbate concentration in the bulk was lowered and a new pore density profile was calculated. The previous profile was used as an estimate.

J. ; ‘Adsorption of organic compounds from dilute aqueous solution on activated carbon’, Ind. Eng. Chem. , 11, p. 445, 1972. Tamon, Hajime and Okazaki, Morio; ‘Desorption characteristics of aromatic compounds in aqueous solution on solid adsorbents’, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 179, pp. 181-187, 1996. kgc-1 NAV P Pa P0. mole-1 W m3kgc-1 20 parameters Horvath Kawazoe model adsorbate concentration solubility bulk diffusivity of the adsorbate Radke-Prausnitz fit parameters amount of adsorbate per kg carbon Avogadro number vapour pressure saturated vapour pressure amount of adsorbate per kg carbon gas constant absolute temperature molar volume adsorbed volume 3.

2-12) The common chain rules for the derivatives of functions are used for differentiation of functionals too. 2-17) Both integrations should be carried out over the total volume area. 4 for the geometry of an infinite slit pore. 3. 1. 2-20 is used to calculate the chemical potential of component j in the bulk (µ∞,j) when the bulk densities of all components are known. The external potential equals zero and the bulk is assumed to have a homogeneous density. 1-1. 2. 3-6) in which V [m3] is the systems volume, and N is the number of particles.

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