Adsorbed Monolayers on Solid Surfaces by G.A. Somorjai, M.A. van Hove

By G.A. Somorjai, M.A. van Hove

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These layers may have more than one atom per unit cell and these atoms need not be coplanar. In fact it is possible to consider the entire surface as a single thick layer composed of perhaps 5 individual layers (since only finite electron penetration occurs) that would be treated by this "matrix inversion method in angular momentum space": l~owever this solution gives rise to matrix dimensions that rapidly exceed the possibilities of all existing computers; also the matrix inversion would have to be repeated for each different surface geometry, a waste that is largely overcome by using plane waves between atomic layers.

The knowledge of the cluster masses allows the chemical composition of the surface to be investigated. For example, a Ni(lO0) surface saturated with oxygen and bombarded with 2000 eV Ar ÷ ions produces mainly clusters of Ni÷, Ni~, Ni~, 0 -+, OF, NiO -+, Ni20 +, NiO~ and Ni20~. 43 IV Methods of Structure Analysis This list incidentally illustrates that the depth resolution of SIMS is of the order of a few atomic layers. A quantitative surface compositional analysis requires the comparison of the experimental yield of the individual clusters with corresponding yields obtained theoretically: this may be done by numerical simulation of the complex collision process 28h), but the accuracy of the result cannot yet be ascertained.

2. Electron diffraction patterns for Pt(111) at different electron energies, at normal incidence. With increasing energy the diffraction spots converge toward the specular reflection spot, here hidden by the crystal sample requires an analysis of the intensities of diffraction. Nevertheless, two-dimensional LEED already can give a very good idea of essential features of the surface geometry, in addition to those mentioned before. Thus one may follow the variation of the diffraction pattern as a function of exposure to foreign atoms: it is often possible to obtain semi-quantitative values for the coverage, for the attractive and/or repulsive interactions between adsorbates s), for some details of island formation 6), etc.

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