Additional observations on the invertebrates (chiefly by Spath L.F.

By Spath L.F.

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Read Online or Download Additional observations on the invertebrates (chiefly ammonites) of the Jurassic and Cretaceous of East Greenland. II. Some infra-Valanginian ammonites from Lindeman-Fjord, Wollaston Foreland; with a note on the base of the Cretaceous PDF

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Additional info for Additional observations on the invertebrates (chiefly ammonites) of the Jurassic and Cretaceous of East Greenland. II. Some infra-Valanginian ammonites from Lindeman-Fjord, Wollaston Foreland; with a note on the base of the Cretaceous

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It is only relatively recently that the latest technology has become of interest to business managers. But the business issue does not change: why take two risks at the same time—that is, a new business process based on new technology? It is a recipe for failure! Keen 56 summed it up well by saying, ‘Major failures in using IT are often based on much better technology and bad business vision. com ventures? Success Factors in Strategic Information Systems 6. 7. 37 Incremental development, not the total application vision turned into reality.

Hence, the four categories suggested above seem to cover many of the possibilities. Each of these types of strategic IS/IT application has different implications in terms of identification, planning and implementation. Linking to Customers and Suppliers The key people involved in the consideration of external linkage systems will be sales/marketing and distribution management at the customer end, or purchasing/receiving/quality-control managers at the supplier end. 2 Case examples of IS/IT and competitive advantage through the decades Merrill Lynch In the USA, Merrill Lynch launched its cash-management account back in 1978.

These two eras can be summarized as: 1. 2. data processing from the 1960s onwards—the DP era; management information systems (MIS) from the 1970s onwards— the MIS era. 1 Differences between DP and MIS Operational and control systems (data processing) Control and planning systems (management information systems) Objectives Efficient transaction handling and effective resource control Effective problem resolution and support for decision making Life cycles 3–12 years, depending on rate of change From hours to months and occasionally recurring Information time frame Recent history, current and short-term future Consolidated history, current and extended future Information sources Internal plus external transactions Internal plus external ‘research’ data Logical processes Strictly algorithmic Probabilistic and ‘fuzzy’ Users Operators, clerical staff and first line supervisors Professionals and middle to senior managers Technologies Mainframe/minicomputercontrolled processing at workstations Local processing linked to information resources Obviously, from this definition the two eras overlap—DP continuing to mature as MIS emerges and grows.

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