ACEP First Aid Manual by American College of Emergency Physicians, Margaret Austin,

By American College of Emergency Physicians, Margaret Austin, Rudy Crawford, Vivien J. Armstrong, Gina M. Piazza

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It may be that a simple measure, such as turning off the ignition of a car to reduce the risk of fire, is sufficient. As a last resort, move the casualty to safety. Usually specialist help and equipment is required for this. When approaching a casualty, make sure you protect yourself: wear high-visibility clothing, gloves, and head protection if you have them. Remember, too, that a casualty faces the risk of injury from the same hazards that you face. If extrication from the scene is delayed, try to protect the casualty from any additional hazards.

Follow the Airway, Breathing, and Circulation (ABC) principle: ■ Airway Is the airway open and clear? The airway is not open and clear if the casualty is unable to speak. 92) and, ultimately, death. The airway is open and clear if the casualty is talking to you. ■ Breathing Is the casualty breathing normally? If the casualty is not breathing normally, call 911 for emergency help, then start chest compressions with rescue breaths (cardiopulmonary resuscitation/CPR). 46–48). 49–51). Your aim is to find out: ■ History What actually happened and any relevant medical history.

After providing the initial circulation for the casualty, it is important to maintain an open airway (A) and to breathe for the casualty (B) to get oxygen into the body. In an adult during the first minutes after the heart stops (cardiac arrest), the blood oxygen level remains constant, so chest compressions are more important than rescue breaths in the initial phase of resuscitation. After two to EARLY HELP EARLY CPR Call 911 for emergency help. Look for an available AED or send a bystander for one.

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