A New Method of Determining the Solar Constant of Radiation by Abbot C.J.

By Abbot C.J.

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2, which is the spectral energy distribution for a mercury vapor lamp. 2 are what is called spectral energy distribution curves. They show what wavelengths, and hence what colors of light are produced by the source under examination. These curves are a good indicator of the color-rendering abilities of the source. Remember the blue ball example from Chapter 1? OK, let’s assume that the color of the ball is about 440 nanometers in wavelength. 2. Spectral distribution of a clear mercury vapor lamp (source: Westinghouse).

Standard incandescent lamps are manufactured in a large variety of shapes and sizes. 5 shows some of the more common ones. Each shape of incandescent lamp is assigned a letter, or letters, and each size is assigned a number. The letters loosely describe the lamp, and the number tells the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch. 5 is of Arbitrary (or Apple) shape, and is 19/8, or 2 3/8 in. (6 cm) in diameter. Some combinations describe the function of the lamp as well as the size, like the PAR-38, which has a parabolic aluminized reflector coating inside the glass envelope, and can be bought in either flood or spot light configuration.

The Osram–Sylvania ‘Icetron’™ is one such lamp. Since there are no electrodes to deteriorate, these lamps have an extremely long life – about 100 000 hours on average. These lamps are relatively expensive, and are used primarily where lamp replacement is difficult, for example, in a theater with 40 foot (12 m) high ceilings. Fluorescent lamps are described in the manufacturer’s literature in much the same way that incandescent lamps are: the first letter in their designator is either ‘F’, for fluorescent, or ‘CF’ for compact fluorescent.

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