A History of Old English Meter (Middle Ages Series) by R. D. Fulk

By R. D. Fulk

In A historical past of previous English Meter, R. D. Fulk bargains a wide-ranging reference on Anglo-Saxon meter. Fulk examines the facts for chronological and neighborhood edition within the meter of outdated English verse, learning such linguistic variables because the remedy of West Germanic parasite vowels, shriveled vowels, and brief syllables below secondary and tertiary rigidity, in addition to quite a few intended dialect gains. Fulk's research of such variables issues tips to a revised figuring out of the position of syllable size within the development of early Germanic meters and furnishes standards for distinguishing dialectal from poetic good points within the language of the most important outdated English poetic codices. in this foundation, it really is attainable to attract conclusions concerning the possible dialect origins of a lot verse, to delineate the features of at the very least 4 discrete sessions within the improvement of previous English meter, and with a few likelihood to assign to them a few of the longer poems, reminiscent of Genesis A, Beowulf, and the works of Cynewulf.

A historical past of outdated English Meter may be of curiosity to students of Anglo-Saxon, historians of the English language, Germanic philologists, and old linguists.

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