3-regularity in generalized quadrangles of order (s, s2) by Thas J. A.

By Thas J. A.

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Xviii. Michael Baxandall, ‘‘Art, Society, and the Bouger Principle,’’ Representations, 12 (1985), 40–1. All in The Aims of Representation. ’’1 Small wonder then that Geertz’s account of the project of social science rebounded with force upon literary critics like us in the mid-1970s: it made sense of something we were already doing, returning our own professional skills to us as more important, more vital and illuminating, than we had ourselves grasped. We perhaps did not wholly appreciate the scientific ambition lurking in the word ‘‘determining,’’ but we were excited to find a sophisticated, intellectually powerful, and wonderfully eloquent anthropologist who could make use of the tools in our disciplinary kit and in so doing renew in us a sense of their value.

13 It is imperative that we acknowledge the modification and find a way to measure its degree, for it is only in such measurements that we can hope to chart the relationship between art and society. Such an admonition is important – methodological self-consciousness is one of the distinguishing marks of the new historicism in cultural studies as opposed to a historicism based upon faith in the transparency of signs and interpretive procedures – but it must be supplemented by an understanding that the work of art is not itself a pure flame that lies at the source of our speculations.

For Ryle, thick description is manifestly a quality of the explication rather than of the action or text that is explicated: it is not the object that is thick or thin, but only the description of it. A thick description thus could be exceedingly straightforward or, alternatively, exceedingly complex, depending on the length of the chain of parasitical intentions and circumstantial detachments. A thin description need not be brief or schematic; it could be quite lengthy and complicated – an adequate account of the physiology and pneumatics involved in pumping tires would take many pages – but it would not concern itself with the agent’s framing intentions or the culture within which those intentions acquire their significance.

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