1995 IEEE Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics by IEEE Lasers & Electro-Optics Society

By IEEE Lasers & Electro-Optics Society

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The adequacy of a test by synthetic methods depends, among other things, on the relative timing and shape of the recovery voltage with respect to the interruption of the current through the test circuit breaker. If a restrike or reignition should occur in a capacitance current interruption, the voltage changes or oscillations in the circuit are primary factors in determining whether subsequent restrikes or reignitions may take place. For this reason, synthetic capacitance current switching tests are generally usable only to determine if a circuit breaker will or will not have restrikes.

All rights reserved. 09-1999 CIRCUIT BREAKERS RATED ON A SYMMETRICAL CURRENT BASIS Design tests may be conducted at values in excess of rating. However, in conformance tests, field tests, or in service, the circuit breaker is not required to have the capability of passing tests or performing at values that exceed the applicable ratings or related required capabilities. 11) Test voltage phase-to-phase (a)a 1A Isolated capacitor bank or cable switching V ------------- 1B Isolated capacitor bank or cable switching V ------------- 2A Back-to-back capacitor bank or cable switching V ------------- 2B Back-to-back capacitor bank or cable switching V ------------- 3A Open wire line charging current switching V ------------- 3B Open wire line charging current switching V ------------- a Percent of rated capacitance switching current Number and type of operations (c, h, k) Interrupter pressure Circuit grounding 2 1+A 30 24 O Rated (f) 2 1+A 100 (d) 24 C - O Rated (e) (f) 2 1+A 30 24 O Rated (f) 2 1+A 100 (b, d, j) 24 C - O Rated (e) (f) 2 1+A 30 (j) 24 O - C(i) Rated (g) 2 1+A 100 (d, j) 24 C - O Rated (e) (g) Letters in parentheses correspond to those in the explanatory NOTES.

5 Test duties 8 and 9 Test duties 8 and 9 in Table 1 are single-phase tests made at 58% of the maximum rated voltage. These tests are intended to demonstrate the short-line fault capability of the circuit breaker. 04-1999. 5 × I for 50 Hz. The test may be performed as part of test duty 4 or its alternates. The latching portion of the test is demonstrated by sustaining the current flow after the closing operation for a duration equivalent to at least 10 cycles of the rated power frequency. When closing and latching is not done as part of test duty 4, upon completion of the closing and latching test the circuit breaker shall be allowed to cool for at least five minutes and then it shall be opened under no-load conditions to demonstrate that welding of the contacts has not occurred.

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